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A heart attack is one of the leading causes of death for many adults according to, therefore to have a device that is able to inform the state of your heart is very important. But, how much can this device actually help you? This powerful device not only can inform you about your heart rate but is also able to detect various health problems.

What Is A Normal Healthy Heart Rate?

Healthy Normal Heart Rate

No matter if you’re an athlete or not, having knowledge about a healthy heart rate can be very helpful if you want to accurately monitor your fitness level and even spot various health problems. Simply put, heart rate is the number of times your heart beats in 60 seconds and it varies from one individual to another. By knowing your own normal heart rate, you can easily gauge if you’re in good health or not.

One thing to remember about heart rate is that as you age, your pulse is going to continuously change and sometimes, it may signal a heart or other type of condition that requires medical attention – any concerns whatsoever then you must seek professional medical advice.

Measuring Heart Rate Using Smartwatch

If you want to get a really accurate heart rate measurement, using a smartwatch monitor is going to give you the best results. Most heart rate monitors these days not only provide you with an accurate measurement of your pulse, but they can also store the values so they can be later accessed or can help you track your activities like a fitness band as well as give you SMS and email notifications.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect heart rate and if you notice you have a consistently high or low pulse, it’s best you get in touch with your doctor right away. By doing so, you’ll be able to see what condition affects your heart and consider the right treatment to keep it under control.

This is crucial, as having continuous readouts of one’s heart beat in the Health app is indispensable when correlating your workouts and heart rates. In addition to your heart rate reading, the Watch collects other data to provide an estimate on calories burned.

Aside from the heart rate sensor itself, it may tap into other sensors depending on your activity. In one example, running indoors prompts the Watch to use its built-in accelerometer.

But go cycling outdoors and the Watch starts using the GPS in your Phone, if available, to track your activity with great precision in order to provide as accurate estimate on calories burned as possible. The Watch learns about your stride enough over time to start accurately track workouts without a Phone.


The watch is made from the most up to date materials making it look stylish and modern. The watch has an optical blood pressure monitor, heart rate sensor, real-time blood pressure monitor, and heartbeat detection! Monitoring your health in real time.

You can also connect your phone to the watch and track your progress and stats on the app. Continuously track your daily life 24/7.


  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Fatigue measurement
  • Steps
  • Energy consumption
  • Daily mileage
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Call ID
  • SMS Reminder
  • APP Reminder
  • Sedentary reminded
  • Alarm clock reminder
  • Find phone
  • Drink water Reminder
  • Social software, SMS information shows support for 50 words display on the bracelet screen


  • Screen size: 0.96 IPS inch color LCD
  • Vibration: Silent/Vibration
  • Compatible system: Android 4.4 & IOS 8.2 and above with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Main functions: Blood Oxygen, Pedometer, Step, Calorie, Distance, Sleep monitor, Sport mode, Incoming call notification, Alarm clock, APP notifications, Stopwatch, Raise hand screen light, Social share ( Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Battery capacity: 110 mAh
  • Waterproof: IP67 (support swimming / Rain / Washing hands, Not support Hot Bath / Hot Water / Diving / Underwater Swimming)

Included In Package:

  • 1* Smart Bracelet
  • 1* USB Charger
  • 1* Retailed Box

This smartwatch can help you lose weight and maintain your fitness goals, it can offer the motivation of a personal trainer, the insights of a sleep therapist and you can even count every calorie going in and out.

The fitness and health functionality of this device can help you to maintain a day to day fitness schedule and help you reach your weight loss goals. Be fashionable and be fit! This is the latest in the smart watch industry all-in-one wrist watch that monitors vital signs of your health. To become healthy and well being is a dream for every person, and this beautiful-elegant device can absolutely help you.

Like any other devices, data from this device is for guideline & reference only and should not be used as medical advice. 

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